About Infinitesimal

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Starting this summer, I want to write, about whatever that comes to my mind that I want to share.

In order to start writing, the first step was to pick a blogging engine. Many people would simply choose WordPress or Tumblr, but I wanted something faster and less troublesome to use. The instinct of programmers struck me - when I couldn't find what I needed, I would scratched my own itch and build one myself.

Immediately, I dived into my code editor to start putting together my own blogging engine. After a week of work, Infinitesimal was born.

In a nutshell, Infinitesimal is a small, fast, static blog engine built purely for blogging. The entire system contains 215 lines of code. There are no social commenting or video broadcasting features. There are no fancy sharing icons. There are no themes or plugins. Infinitesimal is for plain writing and publishing.

Infinitesimal Code

Infinitesimal works as followed:

  1. (Usually on my laptop,) I fire up iAWriter, and begin jotting down ideas for a blog post.
  2. I hit Save, with the title of the post as the filename, in the /Blog/Drafts folder in my Dropbox.
  3. (Usually on my desktop,) I write and edit my post in Markdown format.
  4. Once I'm done, I move the post from /Blog/Drafts to /Blog/Posts.
  5. I also add any complementary images to the /Blog/Media folder.
  6. I have a GoodSync job set up for both /Blog/Posts and /Blog/Media. As soon as the folder has any changes, GoodSync will synchronize them to the server immediately.
  7. I run the updater, and the server converts .markdown to .html, and generates .html files with a preset template.
  8. When a visitor loads a post, the server shoed the corresponding HTML file.

I thoroughly enjoy this approach. Not only can I work on my posts locally, when I don't have Internet connection, but also the site loads extremely quickly because it only serves static HTML files. This method provides a better experience for both me, the writer, and you, the reader.

I plan to open-source Infinitesimal in the near future, after I fix all major bugs that still bother me on a daily basis. Although other programmers will probably build their own blogging engine instead of using mine, I am sure I can still help few people out by saving few hours of their time.

Thanks for reading!