Stephen Ou

Howdy! I am a student at Stanford University, majoring in Computer Science with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction. I'm eternally grateful that I get to spend 4 years with the world's most brilliant undergrads.

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App Development

I've made 8 web apps in the past 6 years, mostly to scratch my own itch. Some accidentally got popular.

Note: due to changes in the Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn APIs, some of my apps might not work properly. I will fix them when school is out.

Work Experience

I've also had the privilege to work with some amazing companies, ranging from a Fortune 500 company to a mom-and-pop shop.

Other Stuff

Originally born in Kaiping, China, I had the good fortune to come to the US in 2008. Although I didn't speak any English upon arrival, I became fluent in 2 years with the help of patient teachers and supportive family and my own hard work. For that, I am thankful.

I love watching TED talks for bursts of inspiration, and ended up giving a TEDx talk about young entrepreneurship myself in 2014.

I've done some interviews in the past: Web.AppStorm, Double Your Freelancing Rate, A New Take, Doers, SideProject Book, IdeaMensch, The Startup Project, Raising CEO Kids, Sawyer Speaks.

I am a big sports fan. Here's a subset of what I follow: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, EPL, UEFA, F1, ATP, PGA, TdF.

My interests include mathemagics (fancy way of saying rapid mental math), photography, geocaching, cycling, and pool/snooker.


Because so many people have helped me get to where I am today, I want to do the same to you. If you have questions about programming, entrepreneurship, app design/development, college admission, studying in the US, email me!


Here's what I look like, in case you're curious:

Photo: Andrew Lu. Made with love & inspiration from sunny Bay Area, in Vim. © 1995 - 1995.