My name is Stephen.

I like to write and tweet.

I work, code and photograph.

Learn more about me and my blog.

This Blog's Tech Stack

Come behind-the-scene to discover all the new tech I'm using to make this newfangled blog beautiful and lightning fast! Spoiler: it is very boring.

The tech powering this site is dead simple. The whole setup has two parts - 1) a handcrafted template in HTML + CSS, and, 2) a generation script containing 143 lines of non-minified Javascript. That's it.

There is no React, no WordPress, no AWS.

The page you're reading is static HTML. That's why it's blazing fast.

If you view the source, you'll see there's only one Javascript function. It's for displaying the greeting in the header.

There's no backend either. I'm just serving static files with a URL rewrite (e.g. https://stephenou.com/posts/tech-stack.html).

Here's what my workflow looks like:

  1. Write a post in Bear.
  2. Convert from Markdown to HTML using Showdown.
  3. scp the HTML to my VPS, which hosts this site.
  4. Add the post to the config file.
  5. Run this script to generate the HTML for the post and update the homepage.

You're welcome to use the script (not the template though) to build your blog.