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How to Build Trust as a New Grad

As someone new to the workplace, you are keen to earn your reputation. The easiest way to do that is to build trust amongst your team and company.

Here're the three ways I've learned to build trust:

Show vulnerability

Being vulnerable and admitting your shortcomings is one of the most effective way to build trust. Being vulnerable with your weaknesses and mistakes demonstrated empathy. The more empathetic someone was, the more likely they were to trust them.

Communicate the intent behind your actions

Communicating the intent behind your actions means being open about why you’re saying something, and why decisions are made – including your decisions to not act on something. Be opaque about why you’re changing your mind, or fail to express why you’re giving feedback to someone can create tension in your work relationship.

Follow through on commitments

Simply following through on commitments can go a long way. It's pretty common to be all talk and no action. Build a reputation as someone who's dependent and trustworthy amongst your team.

In short, aligning what you do with what you say. Your word and your action builds trust. Nothing else does. Trust is not about getting people to like you. Trust is about earning the reputation that you're empathetic, honest, and committed.