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Fruition 2.0

For those who don’t know, Fruition lets you add a custom domain to your Notion pages. After a super successful 1.0 release, today I'm announcing the 2.0 release.

In four short months, tens of thousands of people have checked out Fruition and hundreds of sites have been built with it. None of it would've been possible without this awesome community spreading the words and contributing to the code. I'm very thankful 🙏.

Today, I’m bringing you a 2.0 update with a major feature, a toggle for DARK MODE!

Dark mode has been the most requested feature, and I’m happy to share Fruition now supports it! There’s now a button on the top right where your site visitors can toggle between light and dark mode.

This release also contains some image loading fixes. Notion recently changed some query params to make image loading faster. That means Fruition has to adapt to those changes too. Please update if your Fruition site no longer loads image.

If you don't want to miss future updates, I’ve set up an email list: https://fruitionsite.com/subscribe. You can also follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephenou

Fruition is and will remain free. I’m doing this for the love of the community. All I ask you to do is 1) tell your friends about it and 2) add a link back to Fruition on your site.

To update, please follow the instructions on https://fruitionsite.com/update.

To build a new Fruition site, please follow the instructions on https://fruitionsite.com.